Central OregonWildfires update: Quieter times on Central Oregon fire lines; containment grows on...

Wildfires update: Quieter times on Central Oregon fire lines; containment grows on bigger blazes

Wildfires update: Quieter times on Central Oregon fire lines; containment grows on bigger blazes

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) — While larger wildfires were battled elsewhere in Oregon, fire activity was relatively quiet Thursday around Central Oregon, allowing firefighters to make great progress increasing containment on existing blazes, officials said Friday.

Here’s the Friday morning 8 a.m. Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch update, as well as updates on other fires:

Only one new fire was reported yesterday evening. Incident 558 is burning in grass and juniper on Prineville District BLM lands roughly 15 miles northwest of the town of Paulina. Air Attack estimated the fire was 2 acres in size last night. Three engines arrived on scene around 1:30 a.m. and stayed out on the fire overnight. Three engines and one Type 3 helicopter are assigned to the fire this morning. More information will be available once resources are able to assess the fire in daylight.

The 274-acre Fly Creek Fire is 95% contained. This fire is located near Balancing Rock along the Metolius arm of Lake Billy Chinook on the Deschutes National Forest. A Type 4 Incident Management Team will assume command of the fire this morning. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office lifted the Level 1 evacuation notice for the Three Rivers area and the Level 3 evacuation notice for the Perry South and Monty Campgrounds. The campgrounds will reopen for camping and recreation use today. This will be the final update on this fire unless there are significant changes.

Firefighters secured 100% containment yesterday on the 1.6-acre Juniper Creek Fire which is located roughly 10 air-miles south of the Fly Creek Fire.

Slightly cooler temperatures are expected again today with breezy conditions. Despite the slightly cooler temperatures, conditions will generally be warm and dry with low relative humidity across the area. High temperatures return again Sunday through Monday. The potential for hold-over fires still exists, especially as temperatures increase over the weekend.

As we move into a warm weekend, fire officials would like to remind the public to exercise caution as the potential for fire growth remains high. Check for fire restrictions before making plans to have a campfire. For more information on fire restrictions, visit: https://www.centraloregonfire.org/. If you do decide to enjoy a campfire in an approved fire ring at a designated campground, remember to drown, stir and feel before walking away. It should be cool enough to touch with your hand. Check your trailer chains to ensure they aren’t dragging; this can cause sparks. Avoid driving over or parking on dry vegetation. Fewer human-caused wildfires means that firefighters can focus on the natural-caused wildfires that can’t be prevented.

Central Oregon may experience smoke impacts from a few different active fires on neighboring forests and surrounding states. Smoke often settles into low-lying areas and river corridors overnight. The public is advised to ensure all windows and doors are securely closed in the evening and early morning hours to limit smoke exposure. For air quality information, visit: https://fire.airnow.gov/ or https://www.airnow.gov/. For more information on how to limit your smoke exposure, visit: https://www.centraloregonfire.org/wildfire-smoke-your-health/.

We will not be putting out an evening Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch update, since fire activity has decreased. We will only do a morning update moving forward unless there is significant fire activity to report. For current wildland fire information, the public can visit centraloregonfire.org or follow fire information on Twitter @CentralORfire.

Green Butte Fire – Friday 8 a.m. update:

The Green Butte Fire, located on the Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District on the Deschutes National Forest approximately 13 miles southeast of La Pine and approximately two miles northeast of Spring Butte, remains at 23 acres and is now 25% contained.

Yesterday, firefighters took advantage of the hose lay around the fire to mop-up to a depth of 40 feet around the perimeter. A local Type 3 Incident Management Team took command of the fire at 8:00 p.m. yesterday evening. Today firefighters will increase mop-up depth and continue to improve fireline where needed.

Resources assigned to the Green Butte Fire include the Prineville Hotshots, three hand crews, two engines, two water tenders, and one dozer.

For current wildland fire information, the public can visit centraloregonfire.org or follow fire information on Twitter @CentralORFire.

Cedar Creek Fire update – Willaemtte National Forest

Westfir, Aug. 5, 2022 9:30 am – Things slowed down a bit on the Willamette National Forest yesterday. There were no new fires and no new holdover fires found from the recent lightning storm. Slightly cooler weather calmed fire behavior and allowed at least one fire to reach containment.

Firefighters were able to complete line around the 4 acre Le Conte fire in the Three Sisters Wilderness on the McKenzie Ranger District. Fire #204 in the same area has been contained at 1/10th acre and the smokejumpers that have been on the fire are being flown off today.

The Potter Fire was active but with slow, backing behavior and crews were able to get more line around it. It is 149 acres.

The Type 1, PNW2 Team, in-briefed last night to take over management of the Cedar Creek Fire with Incident Commander Mike Minton. The transfer of command will happen tonight at 8:00 pm after the new team has a day to shadow local staff and gain better situational awareness. During the transition, local crews and fire managers will continue operations and have three Type 1 helicopters and one Type 3 helicopter available for use. All aviation is based at the Oakridge Airport, which is closed to all but fire related air traffic.

The Cedar Creek Fire has moved directly east and last night’s infrared shows it to be 1,054 acres. Infrared flights are the most common way of measuring acreage change. A plane flies over the fire late at night, in this case at 9:44 pm, and uses special technology to measure heat on the ground. Areas with stripes indicate intense heat while areas with dots indicate scattered heat. Crews will also be wrapping the historic Waldo Lookout with a heat reflecting material to try and keep it safe if the fire moves north.

Miller Road Fire Update
Friday, August 5, 2022 9:00 a.m.
NW IMT 8 Ed Hiatt, IC
OSFM Blue Team Scott Magers, IC
Miller Road Fire Information: (503) 383-9278 (8am – 6pm)
Email: osfm.fireinformation@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMillerRoadFire

Wasco County, OR – Cautious optimism was the tone on day two of the
Miller Road Fire. Light winds and moderate temperatures on Wednesday
allowed Oregon State Fire Marshal (OSFM) task forces and Oregon
Department of Forestry crews to start mop up operations.

The fire is still estimated at 11,186 acres and is now 25 percent
contained. Today’s weather will remain moderate, giving crews another
great opportunity ahead of next week’s forecasted triple-digit heat.

“The big push is to make as much progress as we can ahead of the
upcoming extreme weather,” said Scott Magers, OSFM Blue Team
Incident Commander. “Our crews have worked around the clock to get
us in a good position to protect lives and homes in Juniper Flat.”

Friday also brings additional resources into Wasco County. A Type-2
interagency incident management team, Northwest Interagency
Management Team (IMT) 8, joined OSFM and is in unified command.
The two teams will work together to provide support to the firefighters.
Crews will continue today to increase mop up operations, building
towards the goal of 100 feet from the fire’s perimeter.

“We’re thankful for the support of the Oregon Department of Forestry,”
Magers said. “Their collaboration and teamwork helped us follow
through on our mission of protecting life and property.”

Evacuation orders remain in place. The latest evacuation information can
be found by visiting www.facebook.com/WascoCountySheriff.

The evacuation shelter at Dufur High School remains open at 802 NE 5th
Street. All roads throughout the area remained open to the public.

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