Central Oregon DailyTaylor Drift or Beyonsleigh? Voting open to name Minnesota snowplows

Taylor Drift or Beyonsleigh? Voting open to name Minnesota snowplows

Taylor Drift or Beyonsleigh? Voting open to name Minnesota snowplows

Taylor Drift or Beyonsleigh? Voting open to name Minnesota snowplows

(AP) Snowplows are essential to enduring winter in Minnesota, so maybe it鈥檚 not surprising that every year thousands of people vote on names for the giant machines that clear the state鈥檚 roads, such as Plowy McPlowFace and Darth Blader.

The often-icy state began naming its 800 plows in 2020 and is expected to announce winners of its 2023-2024 Name a Snowplow contest early next week, adding eight selections to more than three dozen names that already grace trucks scraping snow off Minnesota highways.

This year鈥檚 49 finalists聽鈥 one name was discarded after MnDOT realized it had been selected previously 鈥 include Beyonsleigh, Taylor Drift and Aaron Brrrr, Sir. Voting continues through Sunday, and people don鈥檛 need to be Minnesota residents to weigh in.

鈥淲e definitely know snow in Minnesota, and anyone who lives up here knows the challenges of those conditions and the challenges of trying to keep roads safe for folks to travel during the winter,鈥 said Anne Meyer, a spokesperson for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, which hosts the contest.

The agency knew officials in Scotland had named snowplows for years and decided a similar effort in Minnesota might draw attention to their winter work, Meyer said.

The response in the first year of the contest was overwhelming, with about 24,000 submissions and 122,000 votes cast. Participation has dropped over the years but remains strong, with about 8,000 submissions for the latest contest.

Besides Plowy McPlowFace and Darth Blader, winners over the years include Blizzard of Oz, Scoop Dogg and Han Snolo. Top names often have Minnesota connections. F. Salt Fitzgerald was a nod to St. Paul-born author F. Scott Fitzgerald, while The Truck Formerly Known As Plow recognized musician Prince, who for a time famously declined to be recognized by a spoken name.

The response in Minnesota has prompted states and cities across the country to hold similar contests to name snowplows, from Alaska and California to Ohio and Massachusetts.

New Mexico launched its first name-a-snowplow contest this winter, drawing more than 1,500 submissions and 23,000 votes to name 12 of the state鈥檚 400 plows. Winners included Sleetwood Mac, Mr. Snow it All and Billy the Skid, acknowledging the New Mexico roots of the gunslinger Billy the Kid.

鈥淭here鈥檚 a natural infatuation with (snowplows),鈥 said Kristine Bustos-Mihelcic, a spokesperson for the New Mexico Department of Transportation. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e big, huge trucks. They look great on the road, and they are such a visual statement to the core of DOT, which is helping people get to their destination safely.鈥

Lincoln, Nebraska, also held its first snowplow-naming contest this year. More than 2,300 people voted to name eight city plows, with Clearopathra taking honors as the top selection.

鈥淲e hope this helps develop a closer relationship with people, and we can show them that we are human, too,鈥 said Erika Hill, a spokesperson for Lincoln鈥檚 Transportation and Utilities department. 鈥淲e鈥檙e laughing along with them about some of these great names.鈥

Plowy McPlowFace is a favorite in many of the contests, in part because it harkens back to a聽rejected online vote聽in 2016 to name a British polar research vessel Boaty McBoatface. Although that choice garnered more than three times the votes of its closest competitor, officials opted to name the ship after naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

Minnesota plans to keep its contest going in coming years and Meyer noted each plow keeps its name, which is displayed along the side of the vehicle.

鈥淲e鈥檝e got 800 snowplows statewide for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, so we have a lot of snowplows to name,鈥 Meyer said.

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