Central Oregon DailyOregon police chiefs association backs call to delay Measure 114 permit system

Oregon police chiefs association backs call to delay Measure 114 permit system

Oregon police chiefs association backs call to delay Measure 114 permit system

Oregon police chiefs association backing call to hold Measure 114 permit system

With Measure 114 set to take effect on Thursday, if a judge allows it, the Oregon Association of the Chiefs of Police (OACP) said Monday it is committed to “doing everything we can to meet the requirements” of the measure.

But OACP says the infrastructure and resources don’t yet exist to make it happen and says it supports a motion in federal court to put that permit system on hold.

Measure 114, which was narrowly approved in a statewide vote Nov. 8, would require a Permit-to-Purchase a firearm, training to obtain a permit, limit magazine capacity and enact other requirements on firearms purchases.

That measure is facing numerous legal challenges and even the Oregon Department of Justice is asking a federal judge to put the Permit-to-Purchase on hold for two months, citing concerns that it can be implemented by Thursday’s deadline. The judge is expected to make a ruling on some or all of Measure 114 Monday or Tuesday.

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In a statement released Monday, OACP said it acknowledges that the courts will decide the constitutionality of Measure 114 and that law enforcement is responsible for putting it into effect.

OACP said it started working with Oregon State Police and the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association on the permit system after 114 was passed. Here is the status on that, directly from the OACP press release:

  • BM 114 makes each police agency in Oregon a “permit agent” for their respective jurisdictions. Currently, OACP is working with OSP and OSSA to create a permit-to-purchase system that meets BM 114’s requirements. But there is currently no system in place, and therefore no permits to purchase can be issued.
  • There will be a financial burden to law enforcement agencies across the state to meet BM 114’s requirements. The revenue generated by the permits (limited to $65 for each permit) will not come close to fully funding the associated expenditures. Most law enforcement agencies don’t have the personnel or money necessary to fund this required program. This will likely result in other public safety resources being reduced to cover the costs of implementing a new permit program.
  • BM 114 also requires permit-to-purchase applicants to provide proof of very specific training requirements. Some of these requirements can be completed online, but one requires a demonstration to be completed in-person before an instructor who is certified by a law enforcement agency. We are not aware of any current training program that meets the requirements of Measure 114.  OACP believes that every person wishing to obtain a permit, including our law enforcement officers, will first have to complete training that does not yet exist.

Based on these, OACP says it believes there is no way for the Permit-to-Purchase system to be ready by Thursday or even shortly thereafter.

“In response to declarations from OACP and our partners at the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association, we understand that the state is agreeing to concede to a stay on the M114 permit to purchase process. We ask for patience from those across Oregon as we get further direction from the court and the details of the stay. In the meantime, we will continue to work collaboratively with other law enforcement agencies to honor Oregon voters by working toward effective implementation,” OACP said in a statement.

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