Central Oregon DailyOregon gas prices drop for 14th straight week, but have potential to...

Oregon gas prices drop for 14th straight week, but have potential to tick up

Oregon gas prices drop for 14th straight week, but have potential to tick up

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Gas prices in Oregon and nationwide keep on falling from the record highs they set earlier this year. But the drop is slow and there is potential for them to tick back up.

AAA says the average price for regular unleaded is $4.64 per gallon, down four cents in the past week. It’s also down 91 cents since its all-time high set on June 15.

In Bend, it’s $4.72, down a penny from last week.

Nationally, the average is down to $3.67 per gallon. That’s more than $1.30 from the record high on June 14.

Gas prices have now dropped 14 weeks in a row, according to AAA. 

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The agency cites lower crude oil prices, lower demand for gasoline in the U.S. and the switch to winter blend fuel.

“The switch to less expensive winter blend gasoline is putting a bit more downward pressure on pump prices this month; however, some factors have the potential to push prices higher, including the ongoing war in Ukraine, refinery maintenance, and the possibility of a hurricane that impacts oil and gas infrastructure, refining and transportation,” Marie Dodds, public affairs director for AAA Oregon/Idaho, said in a statement. “Although AAA expects gas prices to continue to decline during the fall months, it’s possible we could see prices rise briefly at times.”

AAA explains that summer-blend gas “has a lower Reid vapor pressure, meaning it doesn’t evaporate as easily and is more environmentally friendly during the hot summer months. In California, this switch occurs on November 1.”

Oregon has the fourth-highest gas price of the western U.S. states. 

  1. California: $5.46
  2. Hawaii: $5.27
  3. Nevada: $4.92
  4. Oregon: $4.642
  5. Alaska: $4.636
  6. Washington: $4.62
  7. Idaho: $4.40
  8. Utah: $4.24
  9. Arizona: $3.98
  10. Montana: $3.93
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