Central Oregon DailyIan Cranston to testify on Day 4 of murder trial; Defense requests...

Ian Cranston to testify on Day 4 of murder trial; Defense requests acquittal

Ian Cranston to testify on Day 4 of murder trial; Defense requests acquittal

Ian Cranston

On day four of the Ian Cranston murder trial, Cranston himself was to be called by the defense to testify. 

Cranston is accused of shooting Washington, 22, on the sidewalk at NW Oregon Ave. and NW Wall St. after an argument early on Sept. 19, 2021.

Cranston has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter, second-degree manslaughter, first-degree assault, and two counts of unlawful use of a weapon.

In the first half of the day Wednesday, the prosecution called its final witnesses to the stand and rested its case. 

One of the witnesses was Oregon State Police Firearms Specialist Leland Samuelson, who had received and test-fired the 9mm Springfield armory semiautomatic pistol Cranston used to fire the shot. 

Samuelson said he didn’t notice anything unusual about the weapon and that it had a ‘red dot sight’ which a person can use to focus their aim on a particular target. 

Expert Forensic Video Analyst Douglas Lacey was also called to the stand. He was asked about the varieties of frame rates in the three videos shown in the trial (surveillance video from Wild Rose and Goody’s, as well as the video from Allison Butler’s phone). 

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He was asked whether the slight difference in frame rates would make a difference in the jury’s ability to get the full picture while watching the three videos side by side, as they have been presented. He said both those videos and the original videos would be accurate representations. 

After the jury was let out of the room, the defense filed a motion for acquittal. Cranston’s attorney Kevin Sali said the state had not provided evidence in which a jury could find Cranston guilty “beyond reasonable doubt.”

“As to all counts, the state has failed to disprove self-defense,” Sali said. 

The prosecution’s attorney Michael Swart responded, pointing out that Cranston’s friend Tyler Smith, who testified on Tuesday, said that “he was in fear of serious bodily injury, but not for his life.” 

“There’s no indication whatsoever that Mr. Washington was charging or posing any threat to Mr. Cranston himself at that time,” Swart said. “I think it’s clear that he had the conscious objective to kill Mr. Washington after the 30 seconds elapsed.” 

He said this in reference to the 30 seconds Cranston waited after drawing his gun to fire a shot. 

Judge Bagley denied the motion for acquittal, saying that the court believes the jury could still find Cranston guilty beyond all reasonable doubt on all counts. 

Cranston’s Testimony 

Cranston was to be the defense’s first witness to testify when court went back into the afternoon session.

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