Central Oregon DailyGenevieve’s Bumpdate: Week 33 (Birth Prep)

Genevieve’s Bumpdate: Week 33 (Birth Prep)

Genevieve’s Bumpdate: Week 33 (Birth Prep)

Genevieve Bumpdate 30 weeks

Central Oregon Daily News anchor Genevieve Reaume and her husband will be welcoming their first child in a few weeks. Genevieve wants to share this journey with you in weekly “Bumpdates.”

You can find her most recent photo above. And below, she’s providing her weekly thoughts and experiences along with previous weeks’ photos.

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February 12 (33 weeks)

So, it has begun: the preparation for labor and birth.

A spillover from COVID is that many hospital resources for birthing remain online. I had always imagined myself going into a class with my husband and playing pretend with a baby doll (you know, like in the shows and movies!). but most of our educational resources are now through online videos. It’s actually quite convenient, as we can split up the multi-hour lessons over several nights, helping prevent information overload. We just wrapped up learning about c-sections and I would be lying if I said I didn’t end that chapter in tears. I am okay with whatever needs to happen to get baby out safely (I am going into labor with few expectations and an open mind), but thinking about the labor process ending in an emergency surgery is scary, nonetheless.

Another aspect of birth preparation is handling contractions. I learned a lot about different breathing techniques in our videos, but I was shocked to learn how many different methods there are to getting through labor. I’d only ever heard of Lamaze (again, in the movies, I believe specially “Father of the Bride: Part II”… a favorite of mine!). I’d never heard of the Bradley method or hypnobirthing. To be transparent, I am not sure how much I need to do to prepare. I am on the fence about finding other specific in-person birthing technique classes. There are so many options and ways to handle labor, it can be overwhelming.

So, this leads me to the ask: what birth prep did you do that you found especially helpful? Did you do in-person classes? How about online resources? What strategies did you use in labor that you think other moms may benefit from? Let me know in the comment section on the Facebook post!

Also – be nice! EVERYONE has a different birth story. Epidural, tubs, hypnobirthing, planned c-section, induction, etc… these are all different resources to get the same outcome, a healthy baby!

Genevieve’s Bumpdate: Week 33 (Birth Prep)
Genevieve Reaume at 33 weeks into pregnancy.

February 5 (32 weeks)

I am starting this week full of love (while simultaneously exhausted). I was lucky enough to have my baby shower this past weekend. So many women from different parts of my life (family, friends, former KATU colleagues, moms from the neighborhood I grew up in and more) all gathered together to shower baby boy with support. It filled my whole heart! It never ceases to amaze me how my community rallies together to celebrate life’s greatest milestones. While baby showers are standard for many, I just want to put into words how special that gathering made me feel… how honored I am to have such a strong army of supporters. Becoming a parent for the first time can be overwhelming. I am so thankful.
If you’re a new mom, I am sure you’ve been told how times have changed… how all the baby products on the market now weren’t necessary/weren’t around back in the day! It’s true. It’s a LOT. Thankfully, most, I believe (hope?), make becoming a parent easier. As for storage in your home… say goodbye to that. Our entryway is a complete mess right now!
This leads me to ask: what was/is your favorite product for baby’s first year? If you have one recommendation, one product you swear by/can’t live without, what is it? I hope we can get a huge list going in the Facebook comments to help other moms-to-be!
Genevieve Bumpdate Week 32
Genevieve Reaume at 32 weeks into pregnancy.

January 29 (31 weeks)

“Have you had any weird cravings?!”
That’s probably the most common question I’ve gotten so far this pregnancy. My answer for the first 20 weeks was, “No. I just have aversions to everything.” As for the past 11 weeks, I was able to expand to, “No. I just started liking food again, and now I will eat pretty much everything!” To be honest, I am sad I haven’t had any weird cravings! I keep waiting for the urge for pickles and peanut butter mixed into soft serve ice cream topped with mustard to come about. Ha!
I’ve hinted a bit about how challenging the first half of this pregnancy was, and one of the reasons is I could barely tolerate any food. Nothing sounded good. Even my most-loved dishes sounded atrocious. It’s part of the reason I felt like I was losing my identity. I love to cook. I love to meal prep. I LOVE the grocery store. All this to say, there have been two constants in this pregnancy that have pulled me through even the most challenging days: macaroni & cheese and avocado toast (but NOT homemade…pregnancy is weird!).
Macaroni & cheese has long been one of my favorite foods, so this wasn’t hugely surprising. But, I’ve had a special affinity for the freezer versions (mostly Amy’s  – YUM! – and the Trader Joe’s version). As far as the avocado toast, I could’ve eaten Lone Pine’s avocado toast and Jackson’s Corner avocado toast (sans radish, add folded egg) for nearly every meal.
Looking back, it’s funny to see how I fueled myself. For weeks, I pretty much only ate “yellow and white” foods (and I LOVE fruits and veggies, so this was weird). One time I legitimately ordered a cup of French onion soup, a side of macaroni and cheese, a side of olives and a side of mashed potatoes from Pine Tavern. The kind waitress must’ve thought I was nuts. I ended up just telling her I was pregnant to try and justify the bizarre order.
I love just about everything again (yes, fruits & veggies, too!), and baby boy is growingly healthily. Thank goodness for prenatal vitamins getting me through the beginning!
Now I want to know, what cravings or aversions did YOU have?
Genevieve 31 weeks
Genevieve Reaume at 31 weeks into pregnancy.


January 22 (30 weeks — The Gender Reveal)

This was an extra fun week because I finally got to tell all of you the news I’ve been keeping secret since September! WE ARE HAVING A BOY!

If you went off the old wives tales to take a guess, you were likely wrong. It’s okay, me too! I was convinced (as was most of my family) there was a little girl in there, especially with how brutally sick I was.

All this to say, we are thrilled (and very nervous) about this wild adventure ahead. We can’t wait to meet Baby Boy in 10 weeks.


As we inch closer to due date, my normal activities are becoming more of a strain. Bending down, rolling over in bed, getting in the car — it’s all been made a little more challenging thanks to this big and growing belly!

Gaining weight is a very natural and healthy part of pregnancy. Doing it on camera? That’s a different ball game. Seeing yourself every day at different angles can be shocking. I sometimes find myself worrying about the judgement from people as my body changes so rapidly.

When I go home at night and feel baby kick as I am trying to sleep, I am reminded what an amazing gift this is and not to worry about the temporary changes. Carrying a baby is such a blessing. I feel incredibly lucky… for baby boy and the extra 20+ pounds so far!

When I first learned about the weight gain, I was surprised to see where it came from! Apparently it’s not all just baby and fat… as I assumed! Ha!

Take a look at this approximate break down from “What to Expect” based on a 30-pound pregnancy gain (the blood volume increase was particularly shocking to me):

  • Baby: 7.5 pounds
  • Placenta: 1.5 pounds
  • Amniotic fluid: 2 pounds
  • Uterine enlargement: 2 pounds
  • Maternal breast tissue: 2 pounds
  • Maternal blood volume: 4 pounds
  • Fluids in maternal tissue: 4 pounds
  • Maternal fat stores: 7 pounds

Thanks for all your support thus far. I know baby boy will be welcomed with open arms into this fun, outdoorsy, adventurous and kind community!

Now… to get back to that nursery… which is SO not close to done!

Genevieve Bumpdate 30 weeks
Genevieve Reaume at 30 weeks into pregnancy.

January 15 (29 weeks)

TRAVELING WHILE PREGNANT: Whew. Let’s just say the extra 20 pounds takes a toll!! I took some time off last weekend/weekend (unintentionally perfectly timed to miss the crazy storm back here. Sorry to my coworkers who held the fort down!) to visit my brother in Washington, D.C. If I look a little tired in this week’s bumpdate, blame the 15-hour travel day yesterday! 

This trip marked my first time in the nation’s capital and my first time realizing travel while pregnant is no easy feat. The plane ride was to be expected, not very comfortable. My baby has been moving a lot lately and that didn’t stop on the 4.5 hour journey between PDX and D.C. LOTS of kicking! I hope this means the little one is spinning around. Last check, baby was breech.

The true reality check hit while touring the city. At this stage in pregnancy, I simply can’t do all the things I am used to. I am usually a very fast walker with a go-go-go personality. I like to squeeze as much in as possible. D.C. is an incredible place to walk around and normally, I’d even like to run through different neighborhoods and tourist attractions. Not possible this visit.

We walked about six miles our first day there and that was certainly my max (likely past). I hobbled up the four stories to my brother’s home and had no choice but to ask my husband to prop my feet up and sleep. Naps have become a mandatory part of my vacations now. My husband and brother went off for a beer while I took a snooze!

I am at the point in pregnancy where I feel like my body is changing and growing daily. You might be noticing! In third trimester, it’s normal to gain about 1-2 pounds a week, and I can feel it. More on this, next week.  

One last travel thought… the government considers my “condition” (pregnancy) a disability. It had me thinking, should pregnant women get to board the plane first (along with others who are disabled and young families)?

Don’t forget, next week’s bumpdate is coming with a gender reveal! I can’t wait to share this news with all of you. What do you think the baby is? If you’re into old wives tales, here’s where I stand:

–Carrying High

–Very sick first 20 weeks (possibly more on this to come in a later blog post)

–Aversions to nearly all food first 20 weeks and then thoroughly enjoying all savory and sweets things since (no specific cravings!)

–Little to no heartburn

–Acne early on, with a recent return

–Foot size has stayed the same… thus far


Good luck! Submit your guesses, responses to this blog or baby advice on Facebook (we post weekly Bumpdates there on Monday evenings).

Genevieve Reaume at 29 weeks into pregnancy.


January 8 (28 weeks)

I finally made it to the third trimester. We have just three more months until the newest member of the Central Oregon Daily family joins us!

This pregnancy has been a wild ride of joy, sickness, excitement, exhaustion, nerves and anticipation. It’s truly the most incredible journey I’ve ever been on. Starting with this “bumpdate,” I will be posting weekly about my pregnancy journey and asking you to join along in the journey.

As a first-time mama, I will happily take any and all advice!

On Monday evenings, we will share the “bumpdate” photo live on air. I will also post a more personal pregnancy blog right here on our website. By the end of the journey, this exact web article will have all the “bumpdate” photos, showing baby’s growth (well, mine too!).

PLUS, on January 22, we will be doing a gender reveal live during the 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. newscasts. I am planning something fun for my colleagues in the studio. I’ve tried my very hardest not to let the gender slip thus far.  Let’s see if I can keep it that way for another two weeks!!

I hope you join me for this final stretch. We are so thrilled to bring a baby into the Central Oregon community and can’t wait to start our family here.

As they say, stay tuned…

Genevieve 28 week bumpdate
Genevieve Reaume at 28 weeks into pregnancy.

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