Central Oregon DailyGenevieve’s Bumpdate: Week 29

Genevieve’s Bumpdate: Week 29

Genevieve’s Bumpdate: Week 29

Genevieve 28 week bumpdate

Central Oregon Daily News anchor Genevieve Reaume and her husband will be welcoming their first child in a few weeks. Genevieve wants to share this journey with you in weekly “Bumpdates.”

You can find her most recent photo above. And below, she’s providing her weekly thoughts and experiences along with previous weeks’ photos.

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January 15 — 29 weeks

TRAVELING WHILE PREGNANT: Whew. Let’s just say the extra 20 pounds takes a toll!! I took some time off last weekend/weekend (unintentionally perfectly timed to miss the crazy storm back here. Sorry to my coworkers who held the fort down!) to visit my brother in Washington, D.C. If I look a little tired in this week’s bumpdate, blame the 15-hour travel day yesterday! 

This trip marked my first time in the nation’s capital and my first time realizing travel while pregnant is no easy feat. The plane ride was to be expected, not very comfortable. My baby has been moving a lot lately and that didn’t stop on the 4.5 hour journey between PDX and D.C. LOTS of kicking! I hope this means the little one is spinning around. Last check, baby was breech.

The true reality check hit while touring the city. At this stage in pregnancy, I simply can’t do all the things I am used to. I am usually a very fast walker with a go-go-go personality. I like to squeeze as much in as possible. D.C. is an incredible place to walk around and normally, I’d even like to run through different neighborhoods and tourist attractions. Not possible this visit.

We walked about six miles our first day there and that was certainly my max (likely past). I hobbled up the four stories to my brother’s home and had no choice but to ask my husband to prop my feet up and sleep. Naps have become a mandatory part of my vacations now. My husband and brother went off for a beer while I took a snooze!

I am at the point in pregnancy where I feel like my body is changing and growing daily. You might be noticing! In third trimester, it’s normal to gain about 1-2 pounds a week, and I can feel it. More on this, next week.  


One last travel thought… the government considers my “condition” (pregnancy) a disability. It had me thinking, should pregnant women get to board the plane first (along with others who are disabled and young families)?


Don’t forget, next week’s bumpdate is coming with a gender reveal! I can’t wait to share this news with all of you. What do you think the baby is? If you’re into old wives tales, here’s where I stand:

–Carrying High

–Very sick first 20 weeks (possibly more on this to come in a later blog post)

–Aversions to nearly all food first 20 weeks and then thoroughly enjoying all savory and sweets things since (no specific cravings!)

–Little to no heartburn

–Acne early on, with a recent return

–Foot size has stayed the same… thus far


Good luck! Submit your guesses, responses to this blog or baby advice on Facebook (we post weekly Bumpdates there on Monday evenings).

Genevieve’s Bumpdate: Week 29
Genevieve Reaume at 29 weeks into pregnancy.


January 8 — 28 weeks

I finally made it to the third trimester. We have just three more months until the newest member of the Central Oregon Daily family joins us!

This pregnancy has been a wild ride of joy, sickness, excitement, exhaustion, nerves and anticipation. It’s truly the most incredible journey I’ve ever been on. Starting with this “bumpdate,” I will be posting weekly about my pregnancy journey and asking you to join along in the journey.

As a first-time mama, I will happily take any and all advice!

On Monday evenings, we will share the “bumpdate” photo live on air. I will also post a more personal pregnancy blog right here on our website. By the end of the journey, this exact web article will have all the “bumpdate” photos, showing baby’s growth (well, mine too!).

PLUS, on January 22, we will be doing a gender reveal live during the 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. newscasts. I am planning something fun for my colleagues in the studio. I’ve tried my very hardest not to let the gender slip thus far.  Let’s see if I can keep it that way for another two weeks!!

I hope you join me for this final stretch. We are so thrilled to bring a baby into the Central Oregon community and can’t wait to start our family here.

As they say, stay tuned…

Genevieve 28 week bumpdate
Genevieve Reaume at 28 weeks into pregnancy.

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