Central OregonDeschutes County adopts $408 million budget, up 6.5%; numerous road, other projects...

Deschutes County adopts $408 million budget, up 6.5%; numerous road, other projects outlined

Deschutes County adopts 8 million budget, up 6.5%; numerous road, other projects outlined

Courthouse expansion tab is $40 million; new landfill siting plan

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — The Deschutes County Board of Commissioners has adopted the county’s fiscal year 2022-23 budget, including a wide range of programs and projects, after a series of public meetings and hearings by the county’s budget committee in late May.

The county’s total operating budget for Fiscal Year 2023 is $408 million, which represents a 6.5 percent increase from the prior year, officials said Monday.

“The county’s budget positions us to sustain high quality service delivery for our rapidly growing and changing county,” said County Administrator Nick Lelack. “Sustained regional growth is translating into a continued need for strategic investments in staffing, programming and capital projects.”

The county has five property tax levies that it uses to fund county services.  The only rate change for FY23 is for one of the two law enforcement district rates used to fund the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office. The Rural Law Enforcement District rate will increase by $.09, to $1.43. The rate had been $1.40 from the district’s inception in 2008 until 2018, when the Sheriff’s Office lowered it 6 cents to reduce excess reserves. This district provides funding for law enforcement services in areas that are not served by city or special service district law enforcement agencies.

Other highlights from the county’s budget include:

  • The Road Department plans to implement $13.2 million of road construction projects and contribute more than $15 million to ODOT partner projects in Terrebonne and Tumalo. County delivered projects will include construction of  roundabouts at the intersection of Deschutes Market Road/Hamehook Road, Powell Butte Highway/Butler Market Road, modernization and construction of portions of Hunnell Road, and pavement overlay of portions of Alfalfa Market Road, Deschutes Market Road, and Northwest Way. Bridge replacement projects at Smith Rock Way and Gribbling Road have also been budgeted for FY23.
  • The Department of Solid Waste will continue to move forward with the new solid waste management facility (Landfill) siting process as well as improvements for the Negus Transfer Station in Redmond, which are estimated to cost $21.9 million. Knott Landfill is still expected to reach capacity in 2029.
  • Health Services’ budget includes a variety of federal, state and local funds to support continued service delivery in both public and behavioral health program areas. Funding to sustain 24/7 operations at the Crisis Stabilization Center are included in the budget, and also reflect a $620,000 transfer from the Sheriff’s Office.
  • The County’s Facilities Department will move forward with design and planning efforts for the Deschutes County courthouse expansion for the State Circuit Court, which is estimated to cost $40 million. The County will also complete the development of its North County campus in Redmond, which will provide additional space for the Health Services Department and other County services.
  • Deschutes 9-1-1 will continue implementation of a long-term plan to support enhanced coverage of the district’s radio system through system programming changes and new radio site additions.
  • In the past year, Community Development’s permit volumes decreased on average 2% to 15% across all categories when compared to FY21 but continue to exceed volumes experienced during FY20.  Revenues included in the FY23 budget are projected to increase an additional 0% to 3% and include a fee increase in the current planning division.

To view the county’s Fiscal Year 2023 budget, visit: www.deschutes.org/budget.

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