Bend‘Deschutes County 2040’ planners kick off round of open houses as they...

‘Deschutes County 2040’ planners kick off round of open houses as they prepare for future challenges

‘Deschutes County 2040’ planners kick off round of open houses as they prepare for future challenges

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BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — The Deschutes County Planning Division wants your input for the upcoming future, between now and the year 2040. The county on Wednesday evening held the first of four in-person open houses to gather input as they plan for future growth and development in rural Deschutes County.

There were poster boards of various topics that people could take in, such getting around, farms and forests, natural resources and open space, housing, historic and cultural resources, and jobs and the economy.

People were able to add Post-It notes to the boards, responding to challenges and opportunities on those topics.

They could also join in rounds of small-group discussions on transportation, large infrastructure projects, natural resources, natural hazards, and job and economic issues.

I spoke with some people who came to the open house.

Deschutes County resident Linda Hoffman, said, “It’s a concerning issue for a lot of people for how we grow, how fast we grow. And providing transportation is important as well. It’s a variety of things.” 

Bend resident Megan Beshai said, “I would like to see fewer destination resorts, and I would like to see better preservation of farmland.”

Community – Wide Open Houses

The project team is holding four in-person open houses across the county. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear about the project and break into small groups to discuss key issues, challenges and opportunities facing rural Deschutes County, and a vision for the future. Each meeting follows the same format; there is no need to attend all four meetings.

Here’s information on the remaining meetings:

Sisters Area Open House – Sisters High School (1700 W McKinney Butte Rd, Sisters)

Lecture Room

Thursday, October 20, 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Sunriver Area Open House – Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center (SHARC)

57250 Overlook Road, Sunriver, Benham Hall

Monday, October 24, 4:00-6:30 p.m.

Redmond Area Open House – Redmond City Hall (411 SW 9th St, Redmond)

Rooms 207/208

Tuesday, October 25, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Online Open House Survey

Can’t make it in person? Visit the self-guided online open house and survey from the comfort of your home. The online open house and survey will be posted to the project website ( beginning Wednesday and will remain open through Nov. 4.

Meeting-in-a-Box Events

Want a smaller, more personal conversation about the future of Deschutes County? Staff is traveling around the county with “meeting-in-a-box” materials. If you’re a member of a homeowner’s association, social organization, or even a book club, you can request an in person or virtual meeting with staff by sending an email to the project email address:

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