Central Oregon DailyBreese-Iverson, son apologize after photo of teen giving Nazi salute surfaces

Breese-Iverson, son apologize after photo of teen giving Nazi salute surfaces

Breese-Iverson, son apologize after photo of teen giving Nazi salute surfaces

Iverson Nazi salute photo

(Editor鈥檚 note: Because this involves a photo of a minor, Central Oregon Daily News is blurring out his face. We are naming him because his mother has publicly addressed him by name on Facebook regarding this incident.)

A photo purportedly showing the son of Oregon House Minority Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson of Prineville performing a Nazi salute in front of a vintage airplane with a swastika on it has prompted calls for Breese-Iverson鈥檚 resignation. Both Breese-Iverson and her son have issued apologies.

The image started circulating on social media Saturday, with members of the Central Oregon Diversity Project (CODP) calling for Breese-Iverson, a Republican, to resign to focus on her family. CODP also claims it happened on a school field trip and alleges that the school did not immediately discipline the teen.

The incident happened last week at the Ericksen Aircraft Collection in Prineville.
The photo shows two people, one of those purportedly being Alex Iverson, performing the salute in front of the World War II-era plane with a swastika on the tail. Alex Iverson鈥檚 face is seen, but the face of the other person is scribbled out.
The handle @breesemoney is also on the image. There is more text after the handle, but that is also scribbled out.
It鈥檚 unclear who took the photo.
The Ericksen Aircraft Collection website says it has a Focke-Wulf 190 which includes a swastika on the tail.
Breese-Iverson issued an apology on Facebook. She acknowledged that her son did pose in front of the plane, but did not specifically address the salute.
鈥淭his week, my son Alex was on a field trip at the Erickson Aircraft Collection which hosts a retired Nazi airplane. Out of extremely poor judgement and without considering the impact this photo would have, he posed in front of the aircraft. My husband and I have been in contact with the school administration about enforcing adequate consequences for his actions, both at school and at home. In no way do my husband or I condone these actions, and we apologize to anyone impacted by this image.鈥
She included an image of a handwritten apology that she said was from Alex.
鈥淲hen I was on a field trip with World War 2 planes, I walked past a plane with a Nazi symbol on it, and posed for a photo that my friend took and posted. It was a dumb mistake. I really get that now. Doing something bad in the moment without thinking can cause harm. I apologized to anyone that was offended and have accepted the punishment handed down to me by the school and my parents.鈥
Commenting to Central Oregon Daily News by email, Breese-Iverson said those involved are minors.
Central Oregon Daily News has reached out to the Crook County School District to find out when they were made aware of the incident, what disciplinary action was taken and when.
Rep. Emerson Levy, D-Bend, who is Jewish, released this statement:
鈥淎s a state representative and a member of the Jewish community in Central Oregon, many people have asked my thoughts regarding the disappointing photo of Minority Leader Breese Iverson鈥檚 son performing a Sieg Heil at the Eriksen Air Museum.
Without equivocation, the photo is inexcusable and offensive. To be clear, I speak only on behalf of my Jewish family and not for the Jewish community.
I have a personal and legislative policy regarding social media when the subject is a minor and only raise this issue today after Minority Leader Breese Iverson publicly raised the issue by commenting yesterday on her sons鈥檚 unacceptable behavior.
Personally, and professionally, I鈥檝e had no interactions with Minority Leader Breese Iverson that suggest she holds antisemitic beliefs. I do not believe she supports these grotesque anti-human views in her personal or family life.
This raises a more significant issue around education, including education around the Holocaust and Pogroms. Our children must learn history, the bad, and the good, to ensure the darker moments aren鈥檛 repeated. In an era where books are once again banned, there are some that prefer to ignore to rewrite history for their own narrative and to ease their own minds.

When something is wrong, we say something, partly to ensure that harmful outcomes don鈥檛 reoccur. If we as a community fail to present and learn from the past, honestly, we will be doomed to relive that nightmare because, without intervention, history will repeat itself.鈥

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