BendBend City Councilors discuss Measure 114 and vote on the Camping Code

Bend City Councilors discuss Measure 114 and vote on the Camping Code

Bend City Councilors discuss Measure 114 and vote on the Camping Code

(Update: Adding video, comments from councilors)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Bend City Councilors met Wednesday night with a packed agenda starting off with Measure 114’s updates and implications, and ends with a public hearing on the lengthy process of the Camping Code.

Measure 114 recently passed during the election to establish a Permit-to-Purchase Program, limits magazine size and additional requirements for gun sales.

Measure 114 has four steps for the Permit-to-Purchase Program and the permit lasts for five years. The permit is issued when people meet the needed qualifications of the program. The qualifications include: getting a Photo ID, fingerprints, reasonable fee, background check, training course, and fitness evaluation.

Mike Krantz, Bend Police Chief, said Wednesday, “When you talk about the implementation on the Permit-to-Purchase (Program), that’s a little bit more complicated.”

“There’s a lot of unanswered questions, it’s a poorly written measure with a lot of ambiguity,” Krantz added.

Nearing the end of the agenda, councilors heard from the public on the Camping Code. It relates to time, place and manner — where people can camp, when, and how they can camp.

 Bend residents spoke for three minutes on the issue. 

“Great thought went into fine-tuning and hammering out the details on how this can be accomplished with the camping code. But, they’re just empty words without enforcement,” said Erin Woods.

Beth Brady said, “To demand people from the most vulnerable population to leave their fragile community and provide no other option is treating someone less than human.” 

After hearing from the public, councilors were able to express their concerns. 

“Just knowing how complex systems are, I’m just really concerned with how fas this has been going,” Bend City Councilor Mo Mitchell said. “Really from the beginning, I was asking for a time-out, can we slow down.” 

“This community should have started this work two decades ago,” Mayor Gena Goodman-Campbell said. “We should have been finding places for people to go twenty years ago — more. this crisis has been building and building and building. 

The camping code was passed with a vote of four to three.  Mayor Goodman-Campbell, Councilors Campbell, Kebler, Broadman, Perkins, Mitchell, Sehgal voted Yes. Campbell, Mitchell, Goodman opposed.

Here’s the full presentation on Measure 114:

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