Central Oregon DailyAfrican lion at Oregon’s Wildlife Safari gets critical root canal

African lion at Oregon’s Wildlife Safari gets critical root canal

African lion at Oregon’s Wildlife Safari gets critical root canal

Enzi African Lion

Check out these pearly whites!

Enzi, an African lion at Oregon’s Wildlife Safari, recently underwent a critical root canal procedure after observations by Wildlife Safari staff and exams revealed a fractured upper left canine tooth.

Here is Wild Safari’s announcement on the procedure:

WINSTON, OR – Wildlife Safari is thrilled to announce the successful dental procedure performed on one of its cherished African Lions, Enzi, who lives alongside his brother, Tsavo, within the Wildlife Safari Drive Thru. This groundbreaking procedure was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Dr. Brannick Adams and his team from the Harvard Dental Group.

Dr. Adams has a longstanding partnership with Wildlife Safari, having previously conducted two other procedures on a female lion and a cheetah. Dr. Adams has established himself as a go-to dentist for Wildlife Safari, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the welfare of the park’s diverse and beloved animal inhabitants.

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Enzi, an 11-year-old lion, holds a prominent place within the Wildlife Safari community, known for his big personality and he can be seen playfully engaging with the females, Serafina and Mtai. Wildlife Safari‘s dedicated animal keepers noticed a change in Enzi’s behavior, with increased drooling and holding his mouth open more frequently. A thorough examination revealed a fractured upper left canine tooth, necessitating a critical root canal procedure, expertly performed by Dr. Adams.

Wildlife Safari‘s head veterinarian, Dr. Benji Alcantar, spearheaded Enzi’s closer examination, and it was evident that he needed immediate intervention to ensure his well-being. “Dr. Adams has consistently demonstrated his exceptional expertise and dedication to our animals, making him our go-to dentist for Wildlife Safari,” stated Dr. Alcantar.

Enzi lion dental root canal
Enzi, an African lion at Wild Safari in Winston, Ore., undergoes a root canal procedure. (Wildlife Safari)

Wildlife Safari maintains a commitment to providing a natural and healthy diet for its carnivores, feeding them bone-in items to promote robust muscle mass and overall health. Sarah Huse, Wildlife Safari‘s Carnivore Supervisor, emphasized, “We’ve seen that this approach not only benefits our animals’ health but also reflects their natural dietary habits.”

Dr. Adams characterized the procedure as “adventure dentistry.” The successful operation was conducted while Enzi was under anesthesia, presenting an opportunity for Molly Jarrells, registrar at Wildlife Safari, to perform blood tests to assess Enzi’s overall health. Fortunately, all test results came back within normal limits, reassuring the park’s commitment to their residents’ well-being.

Enzi’s daily care is overseen by Carnivore Keeper Ismael Jimenez-Delgado, who plays a pivotal role in training the lions in various husbandry behaviors, ensuring their overall well-being. Ismael and Sarah provided invaluable support by keeping a watchful eye on Enzi during the procedure and overseeing his recovery, which is going very well.

Wildlife Safari remains dedicated to its mission of wildlife conservation, education, and providing exemplary care for all its animal inhabitants, including the iconic African Lions.

About Wildlife Safari: Wildlife Safari, located in Winston, Oregon, is a world-renowned drive-through animal park that offers visitors the opportunity to observe and learn about over 500 exotic animals from around the globe. The park is dedicated to wildlife conservation, education, and providing a unique and memorable experience for all who visit.

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