Central Oregon Daily▶️BPRD cite ‘lack of clean-up, remorse’ to reject future Water Lantern Festival

▶️BPRD cite ‘lack of clean-up, remorse’ to reject future Water Lantern Festival

▶️BPRD cite ‘lack of clean-up, remorse’ to reject future Water Lantern Festival

▶️BPRD cite ‘lack of clean-up, remorse’ to reject future Water Lantern Festival

Bend Park and Recreation District (BPRD) will reject any future Water Lantern Festival proposals after piles of baseplates and LED lights were found scattering the banks of the Deschutes River.

In an emailed statement sent to Central Oregon Daily News, BPRD cited “issues that arose with containing the lanterns during the event, as well as the lack of communication, lack of remorse and lack of clean-up efforts. The inaction doesn’t alignment with our community’s values.” The district said it has notified the festival organizers that any future event proposals for the Water Lantern Festival will not be approved.

“That’s ridiculous. I’m sorry, but when people come out to nature and enjoy the beauty of this world and they leave it like that, it’s a crime. I think they should be fined,” Girl Scout Leader Kimberly Cummings said after looking at pictures of the lantern waste piles. 

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The Water Lantern Festival website says their team completely cleans up after each event.

“We thought the lanterns floating on the river looked beautiful. We came across people on the banks of the river that were tossing the lanterns up onto the banks. One of them said it was a disaster because the lanterns were supposed to be caught in some kind of barrier,” a visitor for Lake Tahoe who wished to remain anonymous said. 

When asked if the lantern festival should be allowed to return, people had mixed feelings.

“No. Absolutely not. They leave the river dirty like that, no. They’ve punched their card. It’s done. They’re done,” Cummings said.

“I think the organizers should definitely know we had to clean it up. Then I hope that they come back and clean up parts of Bend and make it right. That’d be awesome,” Bend local Andy Fleming said.

“Yes. If they promise to do a better job and have it supervised,” Jesse Buck said.

We have tried contacting the organizers of the Water Lantern Festival several times, they did not respond.

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