Central Oregon Daily▶️ Tips to prep your home as snow, temperatures fall during winter...

▶️ Tips to prep your home as snow, temperatures fall during winter storms

▶️ Tips to prep your home as snow, temperatures fall during winter storms

▶️ Tips to prep your home as temperatures drop during winter storms

With the temperature dropping and the snow blowing in, you may have considered how to prepare your home for the winter weather. Two Central Oregon businesses want to provide tips you may have not considered.

Is your roof ready to handle the weight of 10-20 inches of snow expected in the next few days? Deschutes Roofing owner Carlos Simpson says that isn’t what you should be worried about.

“What you should worry about is ice dams,” Simpson said.

Icicles that form on roofs indicate the formation of ice dams. Ice dams trap water that would normally roll off your roof. If ignored, it can lead to interior water damage in your home.

“What happens is you get water in the home, usually on the drywall or the ceiling. That’s what you want to avoid,” Simpson said.

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To prevent those ice dams from forming, Simpson recommends using a roof rake or a tool called an Avalanche to clear your roof of snow. The Avalanche has a plastic slide attached, so when you push into the snow on the roof, the snow breaks up and slides down to the ground.

Of course, there’s also the issue of your pipes freezing. 

“One of the first things to protect the plumbing under your house is to close your foundation vents and put some insulation in your foundation vents,” Sunset Plumbing Service Manager Cameron Childress said.

Childress says even simple things such as leaving your cabinets open over night can help protect your pipes.

“If you are worried about circulation of air not keeping places warm, one thing we recommend is you can open your cabinets so that the plumbing underneath your sink gets heat from the ambient air from that room that it’s in,” Childress said.

Childress also recommends to always leave your thermostat above at least 50 degrees. Childress says leaving your faucets dripping or using warm water circulating systems can help slow your water from freezing, but they are not foolproof methods. 

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