Central Oregon Daily▶️ Reward for ‘bottom feeding maggots’ who damaged snow shelter, avalanche equipment

▶️ Reward for ‘bottom feeding maggots’ who damaged snow shelter, avalanche equipment

▶️ Reward for ‘bottom feeding maggots’ who damaged snow shelter, avalanche equipment

Avalanche beacon check and snow shelter vandals

Vandalism of a snow shelter and destruction of avalanche equipment is threatening the safety of Central Oregon back country enthusiasts. Two local non profits are offering rewards for information that lead to the arrest of the vandals who they describe as “bottom feeding maggots.”

Sometime over Christmas break, vandals broke glass, scrawled graffiti, discharged fire extinguishers and stole firewood from the Wanoga Shelter in the Wanoga Sno-Park near Mt. Bachelor. Damages are estimated around $1,000.

“We’d like to catch these guys,” said Justin Goodman, president of Moon Country Snowbusters. “We really think having these dirty rotten scoundrels walking around doing this kind of stuff to something that’s provided by us and take it advantage of it. Unfortunately everybody else is going to miss out on it. We’re hoping to get the word out to figure out who’s behind this.”

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Also over the break, someone vandalized an avalanche beacon check station near Paulina Lake. The culprit knocked down the recently installed station, removed a solar panel, a battery and a circuit board. 

“Whether you are snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, you will typically go out in the back country with a beacon on your body,” said Keith Walls, vice-president of Moon Country Snowbusters. “Those are used if there’s an avalanche so your friends who are with you can find you and get you out. Those checkers are put in place to make sure your beacon is working as it should.”

The Moon Country Snowbusters and the La Pine Lodgepole Dodgers snowmobile clubs are offering a $250 reward for information that leads to recovery of the missing equipment, or the arrest of, as they put it on their Facebook post, “the low-life bottom feeding maggots responsible for vandalizing public property that is maintained by volunteers.”

The missing equipment consists of an approximately 24-inch square photovoltaic panel, a battery similar to a motorcycle battery in size and a printed circuit board that would fit in the open box in the pictures below. They ask people to keep an eye out for ads on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for the items who may be trying to sell or trade them.

On the Wanoga vandalism, you can contact the groups on Facebook Messenger — La Pine Lodgepole Dodgers or Moon Country Snowbusters — with any information. For the avalanche equipment, you can contact them or the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.


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