Central Oregon Daily▶️ Potholes on Brentwood Ave. strain drivers’ nerves and suspensions

▶️ Potholes on Brentwood Ave. strain drivers’ nerves and suspensions

▶️ Potholes on Brentwood Ave. strain drivers’ nerves and suspensions

▶️ Potholes on Brentwood Ave. strain drivers’ nerves and suspensions

It’s a road in southwest Bend that drivers frequently use to pick up their children from school or use as a shortcut to surrounding neighborhoods. But the rough patch of Brentwood Ave. near Silver Rail Elementary is cratered with potholes, testing drivers’ nerves and suspensions.

“I’m an off-road driver. I like this. It’s kind of a challenge. But it’s actually the worst. It gets like this a couple times a year,” driver Ron Eacrett said.

The patch of road is unpaved, but is sandwiched between two paved sections of road, raising questions among some drivers.

“I just wish it was just paved because school buses come through here and so we could drive through here normally,” another driver said.

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“It’s a mystery since you have concrete on both sides,” Eacrett said. “There’s this little spot they try to fix but it gets bad right away.”

Charles Swann with Bend City Public Works says the section of road is not paved because was never intended to be a heavily used road.

“When previous development of Brentwood road had ended at that housing development, the road was never intended to be a passthrough at that point,” Swann said.

Due to the road’s frequent use, Swann says paving the road is being considered from an independent developer and not the city.

“The future development of that property, which there’s been interest in this past April, would trigger public furnish improvements, which would be a new road, sidewalk, and curb,” Swann said. 

Swann says the city cannot maintain the road right now due to the winter weather.

In the meantime, drivers will just have to make the best of the bumps in the road.

“That was just a ride right there. It was quite a ride. It shook me around it shook the dog around,” said driver Jan Ferguson.

There is nothing set in asphalt yet for the road’s development plans, but it’s likely you’ll see some improvements made in the coming months.

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