Central Oregon Daily▶️ ‘Perfect storm’: Winds send tree limb into Sisters man’s toilet

▶️ ‘Perfect storm’: Winds send tree limb into Sisters man’s toilet

▶️ ‘Perfect storm’: Winds send tree limb into Sisters man’s toilet

▶️ ‘Perfect storm’: Winds send tree limb into Sisters man’s toilet

All that snow and wind blowing through Central Oregon Tuesday caused at least one winter emergency that is leaving a Sisters homeowner with quite the story to tell.

A thunderous boom rattled Matt Houston awake at about 2:30 a.m.

“We looked around, and we were like, ‘Well, we don’t see anything,’” he said. “‘Well, I’ll go in the bathroom.’”

That’s where he found the culprit. A large limb broken off by an abnormally windy and severe winter storm. The limb was sitting in a position he couldn’t believe. It fell through the ceiling and landed perfectly inside the toilet bowl.

“Our dogs weren’t hurt, we weren’t hurt, but the house is definitely damaged,” Houston said.

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He had worried about the tree all three years he lived in the house, but there weren’t any issues until this storm.

“The high winds impacted with a really wet snow that was pretty fierce,” Houston said. “We had a lot of snow on the tree branches and the ground was moistened up, so I think it made what I call the perfect storm.”

With the blizzard, Central Oregon Tree Experts are seeing similar calls stacking up.

“The slush really does affect it because it’s a little bit heavier snow on these irregular structures. Sometimes it’s not meant for that much weight and it’ll break off,” said Joey Houle, general foreman for Central Oregon Tree Experts. “We got about six (calls) this morning. We’ll be expecting some more as the day goes on.”

With more snow expected, Houle says they’ll keep staff on call.

With the unlikely landing spot, Houston posted an image of the log to his Facebook page.

“I’ve gotten a lot of interesting reactions from some of my friends. Some of my friends that never respond responded,” he said. “I don’t think you could have ever set that up to take place like that ever again. I mean, that had to be a one in a million.”

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