Central Oregon Daily▶️ Oregon driver’s license ‘knowledge test’ can now be taken anytime online

▶️ Oregon driver’s license ‘knowledge test’ can now be taken anytime online

▶️ Oregon driver’s license ‘knowledge test’ can now be taken anytime online

▶️ Driver ‘knowledge tests’ now available online 24/7/365

As of now, aspiring Oregon drivers can take their “Knowledge Test” online, anytime. The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles launched the new service Wednesday.

As long as the tester has access to a computer with a webcam, keyboard and mouse, there’s no need to go into a DMV office and wait in long lines. The Knowledge Testing for a Class C license or motorcycle endorsement is now available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

“Our largest segment of testers is teens trying to earn their permit, trying to get a driver credential issued to them,” said Lauren Mulligan, Oregon DMV Public Information Officer. “We really hope teens and their parents will consider this option. We think it will make it a lot easier for parents. You don’t have to take time off work to take your kid into the office to take their test.”

We visited the Bend DMV office on Wednesday and found one person taking a test in person.

DMV is convinced the online tests are as secure as the in-person tests.

“You have to have a working web camera on your computer to take the test online,” Mulligan said. That means you can’t take it from your phone. “There’s also features like you can’t move your mouse out of the testing screen to maybe access a different website. There’s a lot of features in place to verify you are who you say you are and that the correct person is taking the test while they are taking their test.”

Once a person completes and passes an online test, they must go into a DMV field office with proof of identity and residency to obtain a permit or driver’s license.

The Class C (regular driver) knowledge test and motorcycle endorsement test are available online in English and Spanish. DMV plans to add additional languages in the future to serve even more customers.

“Testing online allows customers the chance to know that they have passed their exam before coming into the DMV office. This can save some people multiple trips into the office if they don’t pass the first time,” said DMV Administrator Amy Joyce. “You don’t need an appointment to come in once you pass online, but do come prepared with all the documentation you need to make sure it is a smooth visit.”

After customers pass their test online, they will need to come into the office with their identity documents and pass a vision screening. Then they will be issued a permit or be eligible to schedule a drive test, depending on their age.

DMV partnered with an expert in the online testing industry, Intellectual Technologies Inc., to develop the new service. Their online testing platform is already used in other states. Proven identity verification and anti-cheating features protect the safety purpose of the knowledge test.  

Learn more about online testing at DMV2U.oregon.gov.

DMV encourages new drivers to apply for a Real ID at the same time. Federal requirements to show Real ID to board domestic flights take effect in May 2025.

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