Bend▶️ One roundabout to rule them all: Bend RAB named best in...

▶️ One roundabout to rule them all: Bend RAB named best in the world

▶️ One roundabout to rule them all: Bend RAB named best in the world

▶️ One roundabout to rule them all: Bend RAB wins international award

The roundabout at Riverbend Park in Bend — the one with all the kayaks — has won the International Roundabout of the Year award. 

Kevin Beresford is based in Worcestershire, England, and is the Roundabout President of the United Kingdom (yes, that’s a thing). But most people know him as the “Lord of the Rings.”

“I’m also known as the dullest man in Britain. Can you believe that?” Beresford said. “I don’t see that as derogatory. I like being the dullest man in Britan because I’m a member of the dull men’s club. We celebrate the ordinary. Dull is the new black. It’s sexy being dull.”

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Beresford has been on a mission since 2003 to find the world’s best roundabouts. He also holds an annual contest where his favorite roundabouts of the year are printed and featured in a calendar. 

Bend local Mimi Graves heard about the contest through a podcast and contacted Beresford

“He said he would save December for me because I told him our roundabouts have art in them. We could win this. We have really cool ones,” Graves said.

Beresford immediately fell in love with Bend’s roundabouts.

“Americans seem to be daunted by roundabouts. Why on earth? What’s the problem with roundabouts in America? But Bend, Oregon. Wow. Every roundabout is a work of art,” Beresford said.

Beresford ultimately awarded “Yakaya” in Riverbend Park the International Roundabout of the Year. Its picture is printed on the front cover and featured in the month of December. And it’s the only roundabout in the U.S. that made the calendar.


“We’re very proud of this roundabout. It serves as a landmark. You know, when you tell people ‘hey, can we meet? I’m not really sure where your office is.’ If you say it’s the kayak park, everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about,” Bend Park and Recreation District Communications Manager Julie Brown said. The BPRD offices are right next to Yakaya.

For Beresford, he just hopes that the U.S. will one day swear off the traditional intersection.

“Americans seem to be fixated of this traffic light system. It’s so fascist. They tell you when to stop. They tell you when to go. Come on.”

In 2024, Yakaya is the one roundabout to rule them all.

If interested in Beresford’s ‘Roundabouts of the World 2024’ calendar you can purchase them here.
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