Central Oregon Daily▶️ Icy roads put strain on gas supplies in Central Oregon

▶️ Icy roads put strain on gas supplies in Central Oregon

▶️ Icy roads put strain on gas supplies in Central Oregon

▶️ Icy roads put strain on gas supplies in Central Oregon

The snowstorm followed by the ice storm that hit Central Oregon this week took a toll on gasoline supplies in the region. Some local stations had to shut down the pumps after running out of fuel.

Fortunately for some, their gas tankers finally managed to make it to their destinations on Friday.

“Running out of gas. The people down the street running out of gas. Everybody gets hit,” Mobil gas attendant Joe Boyd said. “We’re finally getting trucks over the pass, but everything is backlogged.”

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Four out of the six gas stations Central Oregon Daily spoke with on Friday said they ran out of gas at some point this week. 

“Freddy’s ran out yesterday and we were so busy yesterday because everybody kept calling, so they let everybody know that we had gas because we did have gas. But the trucker came and only gave us enough to get through the day,” Space Age gas attendant Lenny Ledlow said.

Space Age managed to get through Thursday with no issues, while several gas stations around them had to temporarily shut down. On Friday morning, Space Age ran out of their supply — but temporarily.

“We ran out of gas. I was just getting ready to put the signs up telling everyone we were out of gas then the truck showed up and we got gas. So now we’re OK,” Ledlow said.

With more freezing rain possible this weekend, some are taking advantage of the recent resupply of gas while they can.

“Just out getting gas, doing some running around, making sure we’re ahead of the frozen roads and the gas shortage with the trucks not being able to make it over the passes,” Chevron customer Ben Brown said.

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