Central Oregon Daily▶️ Hunnell Road to be closed to campers on March 16

▶️ Hunnell Road to be closed to campers on March 16

▶️ Hunnell Road to be closed to campers on March 16

▶️ Hunnell Road to be closed to campers on March 16

Hunnell Road will close to campers on March 16, according to City of Bend officials. 

Anne Aurand, the City of Bend’s Communications Director, told Central Oregon Daily News on Monday that the City will post two-week notices on the road at the end of February, and more notices 72 hours prior.

The homeless people living on Hunnell Road will be cleared out for code violations in line with the City’s new camping code, and to make room for construction equipment in the Bend North Corridor project.

If campers don’t move by that date, Aurand says, the City will clear out the camps in a removal process that is “outlined in the current administrative policy.”

A team of code enforcement officers will be tasked with moving the campers.

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The Coordinated Houseless Response Office (CHRO) has said it will support the campers on the road in finding housing and services. 

“We are hopeful that the CHRO’s efforts and extra time can make a difference for people compared to prior camp closures on Second Street,” Aurand said. “While those closures also involved advance notice and work and outreach from service providers, this collaborative support effort from CHRO is what cities and Deschutes County expected when advocating for the creation and funding for that office. We’re hopeful the CHRO and the County can leverage their expertise and resources to help people find options.”

The City scheduled the closure in line with CHRO’s availability, as well as the County and ODOT construction times. 

Aurand said they are still figuring out how they will tow vehicles and stow the contents of campers on the road, but expects to know more next week. 

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