Central Oregon Daily▶️ How safe do you feel when it comes to rideshare?

▶️ How safe do you feel when it comes to rideshare?

▶️ How safe do you feel when it comes to rideshare?

If you find yourself uncomfortable or unsafe with ride-sharing, there are ways to seek help. It’s a question people are asking as a Central Oregon Uber driver is now facing kidnapping charges.

“Probably once a week,” said Quinn, visiting from California. “I use some type of other Uber, Lyft, some type of app, and almost always when we go out because neither of us like to drink and drive.”

Regarding transportation, there are several ways to get from point A to point B.

“I think of that as something like reliable or when if you want to go out and you don’t feel safe driving home, you know that you can use Uber and Lyft,” said Weston Easterling of Jacksonville, Florida.

When they don’t want to drive themselves, some choose to rideshare with options like Lyft, Uber, or Taxi.

“It’s like a good backup for, you know, in case things don’t go the way you planned,” said Sydney of San Diego, California.

Sometimes, during the rideshare, things can go awry. For one local 19-year-old, her Uber ride did not go as ordered Tuesday night.

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Bend Police say the driver, 48-year-old Rocky Heath, picked the woman up, then canceled the ride and drove her around for more than 20 minutes despite her asking to be dropped off.

He did eventually take her home, but he’s now facing kidnapping charges.

“I will say, I definitely feel like I’ve been in Uber or Lyft where the drivers aren’t safe, whether that’s they’re tired, they’ve been driving all night, they’re just not looking to answer a phone call,” Quinn said. “I feel like that’s my main concern is just like driver safety, less worried about being kidnapped.”

Regarding ride shares, several apps, including Uber, give tips on what to do if you are in an unsafe situation.

If you need help during a ride, the Uber app has an emergency button for riders and drivers, a “live help” option with a safety agent, audio recordings, GPS tracking, and more.

However, if a driver cancels a ride while still in the car, this may affect these features, so having your own strategy is very important.

“I would stay on the phone with someone, and I would definitely report on the app,” said Easterling. “I feel comfortable riding alone. But I definitely always let someone know if I’m taking an Uber and when I’ll be there.”

If you are in immediate danger, reach out to the police.

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