Bend▶️ Elected leaders respond to Bend Safeway shooting

▶️ Elected leaders respond to Bend Safeway shooting

▶️ Elected leaders respond to Bend Safeway shooting

▶️ Elected leaders respond to Bend Safeway shooting

Three people were killed following a shooting inside the Safeway on Bend’s east side Sunday night. One of the dead is the shooter, police say.

Here is reaction from local elected leaders who have posted statements, including information about a vigil being planned for Monday night at Drake Park.

Bend Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Broadman

“It was a dark night in Bend. As we grieve last night’s senseless gun violence, I want to make sure that people have good facts and the resources they need.

The Bend Police Department is providing factual updates as they are able. There will be an additional press conference today at 12:30 p.m. that will be livestreamed on the City of Bend’s YouTube channel.

First, there is no indication at this time that there was more than one attacker.  The apparent killer is deceased.  While this remains an active investigation, and regrettably we must always be vigilant, at this time, we do not believe there is further immediate danger in connection with last night’s incident.  Second, the men and women of Bend Police Department and several local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies worked through the night to protect people in Bend and conduct a thorough investigation, collecting all evidence and processing it properly. This takes time.

Thank you to Chief Mike Krantz for helming this multi-agency effort, which included support from Bend Fire & Rescue, Oregon State Police, Deschutes County Sherriff’s Office and the FBI. Thank you to the emergency and medical personnel, St. Charles, and everyone who stepped up to shepherd this community through a horrific night, along with Governor Kate Brown who monitored the situation closely throughout the evening. 

Today we will begin to mourn those we have lost, support the families stricken by this immense tragedy, and comfort our traumatized City.  Mourn now, and let us continue to work as a community to ensure these tragedies are not repeated, that gun violence is not part of our culture, and that we live our lives free of terror.  We are strong when we stand together. 

I learned of the shooting, like so many of you, from a friend at the scene, helping those who’d been shot.  He’s one of my church friends, who I normally text with about snow reports and homebrew recipes.  Our entire community has been attacked, and the families of the loved ones we have lost will need our strength in the coming hours and days. 

As we are all processing the trauma of last night, remember there are mental health resources available. The Deschutes County Crisis Line available to anyone who is experiencing a crisis or needs crisis support. Call 541-322-7500 ext. 9. Deschutes County Walk-in Crisis Services also provides access to a therapist for individuals experiencing a crisis. Contact the Deschutes County Stabilization Center at 63311 NE Jamison Street in Bend. Or call their 541-585-7210- Office Line  for Non-Emergency.

And finally, if you are interested, there is a community vigil from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. tonight in Drake Park. Watch for more information throughout the day.”

Gov. Kate Brown

“I am asking all Oregonians to keep the victims of last night’s shooting in Bend and their families in your thoughts and in your hearts today. Every Oregonian should be able to go to a grocery store without the fear of gun violence. While there is still much we don’t know, Oregon State Police are working with local authorities to respond to and investigate this tragic event. Last night’s shooting was one of several in Oregon just this weekend. The families of these victims will forever be impacted by these senseless acts. All Oregonians deserve to be safe from gun violence.”

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Sen. Ron Wyden

“The Oregonians who went to shop or to work at the Bend shopping center where last night’s mass shooting happened need our thoughts and actions. America cannot just shrug its shoulders at another mass shooting with loved ones grieving the loss of family and friends. The Senate took a small step this year toward reducing the threats of mass shootings, but there are many more steps ahead before our country actually addresses the gun violence epidemic devastating communities like Bend today & far too many communities before this. I’m willing to work with anybody who’s sick and tired of mass shootings to find solutions that put an end to this gun violence madness once and for all.”

Sen. Jeff Merkley

“My heart breaks for the families of the victims and the many people whose routine Sunday evening shopping turned into a terrifying run for their lives in Bend. This doesn’t have to happen. It’s not normal in any other country. High-powered assault rifles with high-capacity magazines, combined with personal grievances and often a culture of hate, create a toxic stew that leaves good people, innocent people dead, maimed, and traumatized. We need to come together – Democrats and Republicans, urban and rural, Black and white and brown and Asian American and Native American, and including the many responsible gun owners – and put an end to this madness.”
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