Central Oregon Daily▶️ Central Oregon chimp sanctuary announces passing of Patti at age 40

▶️ Central Oregon chimp sanctuary announces passing of Patti at age 40

▶️ Central Oregon chimp sanctuary announces passing of Patti at age 40

▶️ Central Oregon chimp sanctuary announces passing of Patti at age 40

A chimpanzee sanctuary in Central Oregon has announced the passing of one of the animals it was caring for.

Freedom for Great Apes in Tumalo says that Patti died on Feb. 1 at the age of 40. The cause of death was cardiovascular disease, according to FGA.

Patti was surrounded by those who cared for her and was embraced with loving words and support as she came to rest peacefully,” FGA said in a statement.

Patti enjoyed the outdoors, bubbles, necklaces, water mist, painting, looking at photographs, hammocks, visits from longtime friends, blankets, story time, the sunshine and her chimp family — Topo and Thiele.

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Here is more on Patti’s life from FGA:

Patti was born on September 11, 1982, at Marine World Africa USA in Redwood City, California. There, Patti performed for 14 years before she made it to the sanctuary for retirement and a forever home. Patti was the second resident and the first female to arrive. This gave her the perfect opportunity to rise as the matriarch of the family. The first resident, gentle Topo, was happy to support Patti in her role. Patti helped new family members find their places and status rankings within the group as they each arrived. When Patti‘s sisters, Thiele and Maggie, finally came to live the rest of their lives at the sanctuary, they rejoiced in a loving embrace full of sweet chimpanzee pants and grunts.
Summer was Patti‘s favorite time of year when she could spend both day and night outdoors. You would see her resting on a big straw bed in her favorite tunnel located in the Big Outdoors. This is where Patti could see the stars and the night sky until the sun rose and the birds woke up with her.
Patti was loved and well-respected by chimps and humans alike. She was a beautiful, kind and loving soul. Patti will be missed and remembered by all. May you rest in peace, Patti.
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