Oregon State Police said the crash happened on Highway 26 near the Madras airport. OSP said a preliminary investigation found that a Toyota Tacoma, driven by McHugh, was passing several vehicles in the fog when it collided with a westbound gold Chevrolet Malibu, driven by Spino-McCormack.

Spino-McCormack and Jesiah Johnson, who was a passenger in the Malibu, died at the scene. Jessica Johnson died later at the hospital.

A visibly shaken McHugh sat in court Friday, listening to impact statements from family and friends of the victims.

“I can’t speak for my community, Audrey, but as my family, we choose not to forgive you. And my only hope is that your sentence will keep you incarcerated long enough, you will never have the opportunity to be a mother,” one said.

“Ages 13, 15, 27. They’re gone because of you,” a grandmother of the two younger victims said. “We don’t believe she cared then. Why would she care now? She didn’t lose anybody. We did. Our people, you can see from all the people here, we lost our children.”

McHugh also spoke.

“I wish I could trade my life for theirs. I wish I didn’t survive,” McHugh said. “To have another’s life… death on your hands is a heavy mark on the soul. I guarantee it will haunt me for nothing short of a lifetime. I’m so sorry to everyone in this room.”

The defense argued that McHugh’s previous character and remorse following the accident warranted a sentence just under 19 years. The judge ultimately sided with the state, which asked for 25 years.