Central Oregon Daily▶️ 4/20 celebrators tell us why they consume marijuana

▶️ 4/20 celebrators tell us why they consume marijuana

▶️ 4/20 celebrators tell us why they consume marijuana

▶️ 4/20 celebrators tell us why they consume marijuana

April 20 is the unofficial holiday for cannabis. While the celebration of the plant might be associated with partying, music and munchies, some people see the day as a way to get their medicine at a discount.

“I use it for pain management, osteoarthritis and for sleeping better,” said 80-year-old Barb, a customer at Tokyo Starfish dispensary.

She’s been consuming marijuana for the last 5 to 6 years. The holiday for getting high proves to be an opportunity for her to get what she needs at a lower price.

“It’s always a celebration for cannabis consumers,” said Tokyo Starfish Co-Owner Gary Bracelin. “It’s a great day to get deals if you’re a cannabis consumer.”

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The name “4/20” comes from an old tale from the 1970s.

“Starting back from the urban legend of the kids in Marin High School that was their code for going out and smoking weed,” Bracelin said.

The group of students would meet at 4:20 after school, according to legend. Another rumor connects The Grateful Dead band to the story, explaining that one of the students had a connection to the band, told them the story and then the band made popular the connection between marijuana and 420.

Now the day is considered a cannabis holiday.

Dispensary discounts drawing in a lot of people, like Shelly. She told us she and her husband take medication that prevents them from drinking alcohol, so they indulge with some weed instead.

“My husband and I enjoy relaxing in the evening and it helps us to sleep at night,” said Shelly.

For Sarah, pot helps her mental health.

“It helps my anxiety and my ADD and ADHD and keeps me sane,” Sarah said.

Benefits aside, most people purchase weed because “I just love marijuana,” according to Sarah, and “It’s legal,” according to Shelly.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as that. 

Including Oregon, 21 states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, but federally, it is not legal.

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